New Initiatives in Reading

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

I have always believed that the EDB directive to ‘read to learn’ fundamentally depends on learning to read. To further promote the culture of reading I have introduced quality English literature into our curriculum alongside phonics and normal classroom English.

Many children are reluctant readers. It is important that children discover that reading is not just a compulsory school subject, but rather an enjoyable and exciting lifelong leisure activity that will greatly influence their future academic success and employment opportunities.

To combat this issue, I have introduced books by famous authors. These books include fun story books and non-fiction titles. I hope these titles will encourage students’ creativity whilst nurturing their imagination.

I try to ensure that stories have interesting plots, and are full of action and adventure. I help students get a better overall understanding of what they are reading by explaining new vocabulary, exploring the characters in the stories and examining the plots.

Whilst I try to make reading in English fun and enjoyable using individual and group activities, such as role playing exercises and dramatic reinterpretations of the traditional stories, learning to read is a serious business and students are tested for comprehension both orally and in written format.

Students are taught reading skills such as learning to scan for meaning, learning how to understand visual and semantic clues in the story line, learning how to present interesting book reports, and learning how to develop their own creative writing skills. This in turn creates children who learn English faster and who are more motivated and thus develop a lifelong love of reading and writing in English.


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