Linking parents to reading instruction.

The early years are the most important for learning to read.  Being able to read and write in English is one of the best predictors of school success.


Reading is a fundamental skill upon which learning depends. While formal education has a big impact on a child's development, research consistently points to parents as the originating source of reading skills and habits. 


Even when children spend many hours in child care, parents are the most influential adults in their lives (Shonkoff and Phillips (2000).


Learning, specifically reading, does not happen by accident. Reading is a complex skill that requires a systematic approach to instruction.


When linked to the child's home environment and interactions with parents or caregivers, success is more likely. How do we convince parents how important their role is? 

Research shows a positive effect of parents reading storybooks on their child starting to read (Bus, de Jong, & Van Ijzendoorn, 2007). 


Reading aloud to children and giving them the opportunity to read for pleasure can significantly increase children's reading achievement. Reading aloud to young children contributes to young child's vocabulary and oral language development.


As family members read aloud to their children, they help the children acquire healthy reading behaviours and an appreciation for reading. Young children become aware of story structures, the language of stories and the nature of reading behaviour.

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